Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That's a Sticky One

Shortly after I began this blog of my collection of hearts my daughter Charmaine sent me this picture of a piece of gum she found on her driveway in Peoria Arizona. Charmaine now lives in Ames Iowa and has not lived in Peoria for more then 2 years so I know the picture is at least that old. Charmaine had forgotten all about the picture until she started helping me set up my page. Soon she remembered she had it and somehow she found it and sent it to me. I love that she thought of me when she first saw the gum. I love that she thought enough to take the picture of it. I love that she remembered that she had it. I love that she thought to send it to me. I love that it is red. I love that it is such a perfect shape, but most of all I love knowing that my daughter and I are stuck together stronger then gum to a hot Arizona sidewalk in the summer. Thank you Charmaine, I love you! I send you sweet sticky kisses!