Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oil Stain

This is just an oil stain that I found while in the Dominican Republic. Samuel and I were on a cruise with our Scuba Buddies, Dale and Shelly. Normally when we cruise we like to dive but we were unable to find a good dive at this stop. We decided to do some site seeing instead. We heard of a water fall that was supposed to be nice so we started walking thinking we could just walk to it. Trying to keep up with Dale and Shelly is really hard they walk at about 4.5 mph and Samuel and I walk at about 3.5mph and that is on a good day. As we were walking I spotted this heart shaped stain on the ground so we stopped to take a picture of it. Thank goodness we had an excuse for stopping. I noticed as we were taking a picture of the road that the locals were wondering what was so interesting. As we walked away I turned back to see that the people who had been watching us were now looking at the ground. They spoke in Spanish but I could understand that they saw the heart and were laughing and commenting on it. There right in front of their homes was a heart on the ground that they had never noticed. I don't know if they were laughing at me that I was taking a picture of the ground or laughing that they had a heart that they didn't notice before but either way I am glad that I could share a little love and laughter with them.