Sunday, September 6, 2009

I know there is a possibility that this looks gross, I hope not. This is the skin of a tomato that I peeled for dinner. I love tomatoes, I like making dinner, I love my new cutco knife but mostly this picture portrays the love that I have for my father. Samuel and I don't care about tomato skins, we can eat them or not. But, my father really does not care for them. He never says a thing if I don't peel the tomatoes in our salads or on a sandwich but I know that he prefers no skins. My mother always peeled the tomatoes that she served and as I was fixing dinner preparing a tomato and broccoli salad I thought, "I should peel the tomatoes. Daddy would appreciate that." So I did. As I was cleaning up after dinner, the peels were still in the sink, and so I was pushing down the disposal and cleaning the sink. There it was this pretty perfect Dolly Parton shaped heart. I really do love my father and I would do anything for him, even something as little as peeling a tomato has it's rewards.