Monday, September 28, 2009

Garbage Heart, Trash?

This is only a piece of trash that I found as I was walking one day. I didn't move it or adjust it in any way. It was laying on the sidewalk just like this. I do have to get to know my camera better though, the picture is quite out of focus. I have a friend that likes to walk also. Her name is Connie. When Connie walks she is focused on finding trash. Connie told me once that as she was walking one day and she wasn't finding any trash and she thought, "Where is my trash? Who has been picking it up? Don't they know that is my job?" She is making her little place on the planet a better cleaner place to live and she takes it seriously. Connie is a wonderful person that doesn't think twice about picking up and throwing away the trash that others leave behind. Thank you Connie for all your considerate work. (I couldn't throw the Garbage Heart away though it was just too sweet!)