Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love to Walk

I have started this exercise program with my sisters. We are trying to "waist away." So far I have done pretty well. I get up each morning and walk about one and a half mile. It isn't much but I am hoping to build up to more. I have also been much better about what I eat, not eating after dinner and so forth. Yesterday on my walk I noticed all kinds of birds and some of their habits. Today I found five different heart shaped things. I had walked only a short distance when I saw this the first one in the sidewalk and at that time I thought, "when I am done I'll go home and get my camera and come back and take a picture." So I kept walking. I got about another half mile and I saw another heart but it was in the cut off limb of an olive tree, I thought, "OK I'll get on my bike and come back for this one and the first one." I kept walking and another mile more I found yet another heart in a oil stain on the side walk. By this time it was too far to go back and get all the pictures so I decided to just get the closest pictures today and then go back and get the others tomorrow. So I went home, got my camera and asked Samuel if he wanted to go for a short walk with me to which he said yes. I told him what I was looking for and so he had his eyes on the sidewalk. He found a spot and said, "is this it?" Oh my goodness, no but great eye! He found a totally different heart then I had. So we took that picture and started back home. On the walk back home I have my eyes peeled out for something else that is interesting and fun and then I found this cute little frog. He isn't a heart but he was hard to spot down there in the grass. I dropped Samuel off at home and kept on walking but decided to take my camera so I could get all the images that I see when I see them and sure enough I found one more. The first time I saw a heart shaped prickly pear cactus I thought it would be the last one I would ever see and then here it is one more. I had a great walk and it was fun finding so much love. I love my walks and look forward to what I will find tomorrow.