Friday, September 25, 2009

On the Wings of Love

Last year I was flying to San Diego to see my daughter Chantal, I love sitting at a window seat and looking out at the world going by. I think the landscape is beautiful from Arizona to California. It's a patchwork of farms and desert and in general I just feel peace at the slow pace that appears to be being lived below. On that trip I spied a heart shaped piece of land in the desert. I didn't have my camera at the time and was so disappointed that I could not photograph it. Chantal lives in San Diego and so I knew I would be able to fly the route again and maybe get the picture at a later date. What really are the chances? Well two weeks ago I got a call from Chantal asking me to come to San Diego a little earlier then I had planned because she was ready to have her baby and didn't think she could wait another week. (I had planned to go the next week.) I caught the first flight that I could it was at 4pm and I thought, I love going to my daughters to help when they have their babies and so I need to find that heart shaped patch of land and get a picture so I can blog about it. I looked out the window the entire flight and didn't see it. I was heart broken. Then a week later Samuel came to San Diego to join me and to see the new baby. By the way Chantal had her baby that Sunday at 7am. We had a wonderful visit with the kids and after 2 more days it was time to go home. I thought about the heart again but this time it was more like, I won't find it there is just no way and so I didn't even look. In my mind I really hoped that I could but I really didn't think it possible. About 30 min or so into the flight I looked out and there it was! It had changed a little and now it looks to me like it has grown wings and a tail. I love it even more! I think about all the times I have taken flight because of love. So many. When Chantal was having baby number 1 I flew to Provo for the ultra sound to discover the baby's sex, then back on a moments notice when she thought he was coming. I did the same for Charmaine when she lived in Salt Lake and Ames and then two more time for Chantal in San Diego. I fly to Jenny's house when her baby needs an enema (really) or in any emergency or just for fun. I fly to Clarissa's mostly for dinner but I fly there too. It's not that I am such a great mother it's just that I love these people so much that I would do all I could for them. If I could literally fly to them and their aid I would but for sure my heart takes flight each time I get a call from one of them. They are the best people I know.