Monday, June 7, 2010

I love A Clean Kitchen & Dishes

This is a heart that Clarissa sent to me, she found it while she was doing dishes. This heart is soap bubbles on a cookie sheet. When my kids were little I tried an experiment to see if I could get my kids to like doing dishes. I would fill the sink with warm sudsy water and then put my hands in the water and rave on and on about how much fun I was having and how nice the water felt and how much I loved cleaning. Well it seems I was able to brain wash only one or two of my kids but I really do love a clean kitchen and an empty sink. One of my favorite surprises of the day is when I get up in the morning and go to the dishwasher to empty it and I find that my wonderful husband or son has already emptied it. I love that they know that small act will make my day.

My mother used to say that the dishes weren't done until the sink was clean and the counters and table wiped off. I would say the same thing to my kids and love hearing them rehearse the same to their families. Happy Dish Washing Everyone!