Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Have to Grow Love Like That

This heart is upside down but a heart none the less. When I saw it I thought, you have to grow love like that. Love doesn't just grow on trees usually but it does grow. As mothers when we have a baby it seems love just comes naturally. It is so easy to love a baby, but the love that comes so naturally begins to be challenged at times and maybe between siblings it isn't so natural. As parents we have to teach our children how to love and be loving. We have to cultivate our little sprouts so that they can grow into great big lovers and I mean that in the nicest way.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oil Stain

This is just an oil stain that I found while in the Dominican Republic. Samuel and I were on a cruise with our Scuba Buddies, Dale and Shelly. Normally when we cruise we like to dive but we were unable to find a good dive at this stop. We decided to do some site seeing instead. We heard of a water fall that was supposed to be nice so we started walking thinking we could just walk to it. Trying to keep up with Dale and Shelly is really hard they walk at about 4.5 mph and Samuel and I walk at about 3.5mph and that is on a good day. As we were walking I spotted this heart shaped stain on the ground so we stopped to take a picture of it. Thank goodness we had an excuse for stopping. I noticed as we were taking a picture of the road that the locals were wondering what was so interesting. As we walked away I turned back to see that the people who had been watching us were now looking at the ground. They spoke in Spanish but I could understand that they saw the heart and were laughing and commenting on it. There right in front of their homes was a heart on the ground that they had never noticed. I don't know if they were laughing at me that I was taking a picture of the ground or laughing that they had a heart that they didn't notice before but either way I am glad that I could share a little love and laughter with them.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Garbage Heart, Trash?

This is only a piece of trash that I found as I was walking one day. I didn't move it or adjust it in any way. It was laying on the sidewalk just like this. I do have to get to know my camera better though, the picture is quite out of focus. I have a friend that likes to walk also. Her name is Connie. When Connie walks she is focused on finding trash. Connie told me once that as she was walking one day and she wasn't finding any trash and she thought, "Where is my trash? Who has been picking it up? Don't they know that is my job?" She is making her little place on the planet a better cleaner place to live and she takes it seriously. Connie is a wonderful person that doesn't think twice about picking up and throwing away the trash that others leave behind. Thank you Connie for all your considerate work. (I couldn't throw the Garbage Heart away though it was just too sweet!)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fenced in with Love

This is actually a neighbor’s fence (Paul and Cindy) it however is perfect for the thoughts that I have about love. Sometimes we feel that we have to build a fence to protect a loved one or ourselves so my thought is, if it is necessary, build a fence of love. Build it to include the ones you love. Don’t fence them out. The commandments say to love your neighbor and the Lord answered the question, “who is my neighbor?” with the story of the Good Samaritan. So who do we fence out? Maybe no one maybe we just fence everyone in and surround all with our love. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How cute it this?

I just took this picture this morning. It started out as a video and as I was watching it I saw that Herk's tongue made a heart as he panted. Nothing profound to say, just love that tongue. No wait...I feel the same way about the tongue that wags messages of encouragement to me, namely my dog Molly. I take her walking with me a few days a week. She is just a little Shitzu but she love to walk, mostly run and it never matters how far we go she is pulling me the entire way encouraging me to go faster, go further, keep going, keep going! She is a great little fitness coach and she even has a little heart shaped tuft on top of her head. Walking with a dog is good therapy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

On the Wings of Love

Last year I was flying to San Diego to see my daughter Chantal, I love sitting at a window seat and looking out at the world going by. I think the landscape is beautiful from Arizona to California. It's a patchwork of farms and desert and in general I just feel peace at the slow pace that appears to be being lived below. On that trip I spied a heart shaped piece of land in the desert. I didn't have my camera at the time and was so disappointed that I could not photograph it. Chantal lives in San Diego and so I knew I would be able to fly the route again and maybe get the picture at a later date. What really are the chances? Well two weeks ago I got a call from Chantal asking me to come to San Diego a little earlier then I had planned because she was ready to have her baby and didn't think she could wait another week. (I had planned to go the next week.) I caught the first flight that I could it was at 4pm and I thought, I love going to my daughters to help when they have their babies and so I need to find that heart shaped patch of land and get a picture so I can blog about it. I looked out the window the entire flight and didn't see it. I was heart broken. Then a week later Samuel came to San Diego to join me and to see the new baby. By the way Chantal had her baby that Sunday at 7am. We had a wonderful visit with the kids and after 2 more days it was time to go home. I thought about the heart again but this time it was more like, I won't find it there is just no way and so I didn't even look. In my mind I really hoped that I could but I really didn't think it possible. About 30 min or so into the flight I looked out and there it was! It had changed a little and now it looks to me like it has grown wings and a tail. I love it even more! I think about all the times I have taken flight because of love. So many. When Chantal was having baby number 1 I flew to Provo for the ultra sound to discover the baby's sex, then back on a moments notice when she thought he was coming. I did the same for Charmaine when she lived in Salt Lake and Ames and then two more time for Chantal in San Diego. I fly to Jenny's house when her baby needs an enema (really) or in any emergency or just for fun. I fly to Clarissa's mostly for dinner but I fly there too. It's not that I am such a great mother it's just that I love these people so much that I would do all I could for them. If I could literally fly to them and their aid I would but for sure my heart takes flight each time I get a call from one of them. They are the best people I know.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spinning Heart

When I first saw this little Spinning Heart I was so tickled by it. I had been walking and I thought, "I need to look up." I had been looking down for over a mile looking at the sidewalk and the ground. I think I must be afraid of falling or something because I find myself looking at the ground a lot. Anyway I looked up and I saw this 1 inch crystal heart hanging from the coner of a house. It is so tiny barely even noticable. As you will see in the video, it was kind of hard for me to even get a good shot of it. I try to take my camera when I walk and the first time I took pictures of this heart, it kept spinning and I just couldn't focus to get a good picture. Today I decided to take a video. This little heart hangs at the back of a house that is behind a fence that is a good 6 feet tall. I had to hold my camera at an angle that I couldn't even see the screen but I think it turned out ok anyway. My first thought when I saw it was, why would someone hang that tiny little heart from their roof. It is in such an out of the way place that you can hardley notice it. It is a beautiful heart anyway catching and reflecting light as it turns. It's small but it casts beams of light all around where it hangs. As I contemplated this little spinning heart I thougth, I want to be like that. Quietly going about my business, Not getting in anyones way, just being right where I need to be, reflecting the light of Christ that is in me and spreading that joy everywhere I can reach. Little Spinning Hearts can spread sunshine all along their way. They can "cheer and bless and brighten every pasing day."1

1 Quote from LDS hymn; Scatter the Sunshine

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That's a Sticky One

Shortly after I began this blog of my collection of hearts my daughter Charmaine sent me this picture of a piece of gum she found on her driveway in Peoria Arizona. Charmaine now lives in Ames Iowa and has not lived in Peoria for more then 2 years so I know the picture is at least that old. Charmaine had forgotten all about the picture until she started helping me set up my page. Soon she remembered she had it and somehow she found it and sent it to me. I love that she thought of me when she first saw the gum. I love that she thought enough to take the picture of it. I love that she remembered that she had it. I love that she thought to send it to me. I love that it is red. I love that it is such a perfect shape, but most of all I love knowing that my daughter and I are stuck together stronger then gum to a hot Arizona sidewalk in the summer. Thank you Charmaine, I love you! I send you sweet sticky kisses!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love along my way

I have found many hearts left by an imperfection in the making of a sidewalk. I think maybe a stone or something gets into the mix and is so close to the surface of the concrete that as it is being leveled and smoothed the layer on the top is so thin that it eventually just give out and reveals what once was hidden. This is an especially good one but as you can see it has a little liter in it. A few twigs a leaf, some dirt and grass. All good things on their own and in the right place but in this heart they are just out of place. Sometimes we hide our love and it may take some leveling and smoothing to reveal it but when we do reveal it we need to keep it clean and free from anything that should not be there. Just like many components of love, they have their place and are good but it is our responsibility to know the right place and the right time and to maintain all things in good order.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Keep Bleeding Love

I just love watching "So You Think You Can Dance." The interpretation of the music in many cases is just beautiful. This picture is actually a little drip of blood from some meat that I had thawing on the counter in my kitchen. The Heart was so perfect I just couldn't believe it but what it really reminded me of was the song and dance from the show. Sometimes love hurts so bad that it feels like your heart is being ripped right out of your chest.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Love Laundry

This cute little lump of a Heart I found in the Oxi Clean while doing laundry . It reminded me of an experience I had while Visit Teaching my Bishop's wife years ago. I think the lesson might have been on love for family and how to cultivate it. Karen, my Bishop's wife, began to tell me just how she feels when she does the laundry. She said that as she is folding the clothes she thinks to herself, "I love the man that wears these clothes." What a blessing for her. Sometime after that I must have told my children of the experience and one of the kids, Clarissa, must have internalized it. Just recently she wrote on her blog,

What is it about folded laundry that I love so much?
I really enjoy folding laundry for my family. (Thank goodness because I have to do it every week!) Before Bou was born I loved to fold Logan's clothes and just think about how the man I loved worn them. (And of course I still love to do this!) It really was so much fun for me and it was something that I knew he appreciated.
After a couple of baby showers the clothes started to add up and I just loved folding the tiny baby clothes and putting them away neatly. I tried to organize them by size the best I could but soon came to realized that it was a bit more difficult once they started to be worn. So I would be sorting through tons of tiny clothes trying to find the right size and they would all come unfolded. And after doing a couple of loads a week because of blowouts and spit-ups the clean clothes just got thrown in the drawer unfolded. It didn't bother me much because I knew that I was the only one that was going to be seeing them and that Bou wouldn't mind one bit!
Well.. a few months ago when I was watching my sister Jenny's kids while she was in the hospital having their 3rd child, Jack, I was helping her oldest, Lacy get dressed when I realized that all of her clothes were neatly folded in her drawers. I thought it was a sweet, loving gesture because certainly a 4 year old doesn't care if her clothes are folded. It was obvious to me that my sister loved her children because she took the time to fold their tiny clothes, even though I am sure she does way more laundry that I do in one week.
So it inspired me and reminded me of my love of folding laundry. So tonight when Bou was fast asleep I folded all of her clean clothes and added them to her drawers that I have kept neatly folded and organized since Jack was born. And with each tiny outfit I think about how much I love the tiny person that wears these clothes.
So anywho.. thanks for the reminder sister, and happy folding!
(Bou and Mommy Clarissa)

Funny thing is, that after I got done writing this blog I remembered that when Samuel and I were first married his parents came to visit us. One of the first things he did was take his parents to our bedroom and show them his underwear drawer and how neatly folded his underwear were. I was so embarrassed and I even felt a little like the hired help but I soon came to realize that what he was doing was an act of love. He was so proud of me and my laundering skills he just wanted to show me off a little.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Street Paved Love (ftb)

I took this picture while in Mazatlan Mexico. The street was paved with stones, it was beautiful. My husband and I love traveling to Mexico. Neither Samuel or I speak Spanish. I can listen and understand quite a bit but it is very difficult to communicate when the two people speaking speak different languages. Luckily our friends Dale and Shelly do speak Spanish very well and that helps to keep us safe. Another reason we love traveling with them.

With love, sometimes the ones we are dealing with are speaking a language that one of us just may not understand. Sometimes we need an interpreter, someone who understands and can be helpful, a liaison of sorts a go between. This seems to be especially needed when it comes to children and parents. “Children have the right to be born in the bonds of matrimony to be reared by a father and a mother.” If one doesn’t understand, chances are the other will. (Another benefit.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Prisoner of Love (ftb)

I took this picture years ago of Chantal at the Yuma AZ federal prison museum. We were on our way to the San Diego Temple open house. I thought it was the perfect picture for this frame. It has sat on my piano ever since.
I am happy to be a prisoner of Love. I locked my heart up long ago and vowed to love only you. Then we had children together and they became prisoners with us. I have said, many times, that I love my family like a crazy woman. Some have described this love as fierce, and have said that I defend my family even when they may be wrong. Well I don’t know about that, but, I do know that if we are to be an Eternal family that our loyalties must lay with each other. We must guard and protect each other as if we were protecting Fort Knox. (My daughter Chantal in picture.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hidden Hearts of Love (ftb)

All through out our lives we seek to find true acts of love and sometimes they are well hidden and we never find them. The scriptures teach us that if we give alms openly we have our reward but to do, “thine alms… in secret; and thy Father who seeth in secret, himself shall reward thee openly.” We can look for the kindness of others and we may see them and really we should take note of the kind acts of others but to be kind openly sincerely and in private is also required. Openly, because kindness cannot be masked by cruelty and privately because sometimes others need us without the act being of service but just of genuine kindness and friendship.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love on the Run! (ftb)

Running just as fast as we can

Holdin' on to one anothers' hand

Tryin to get away into the night

And then you put your arms around me

And we tumble to the ground

And then you say

I think we're alone now

There doesn't seem to be anyone around

I think were alone now

The beating of our hearts is the only sound

How fun would it be to run in this car, just as fast as you can?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love is Spoken Here (ftb)

What comes out of your mouth? This little maneuver is really quite difficult, just like kind words sometimes can be. It is best to just live by the advise that Thumper’s mommy gave, “if you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” I also say, speak as if the person you are speaking about is right there in the same room with you or imagine that your grandmother is there listening. I would have never said anything bad in front of my saintly grandmothers. Most of all be nice in word and deed.
Just in case you can't find the hearts, Look at Jenny's teeth in the upper left picture and then I think the other one is obvious, right? (Pictured is my daughter JennyLynn)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Scuba Buddies (ftb)

This is a picture of coral that friends of ours took while they were scuba diving. (Dale and Shelly) When they were showing us their pictures I spotted this heart among the corals. We have since gotten our scuba certification and love to dive when ever we can. There are some real love lessons when diving. You always have to dive with a buddy. You are always supposed to know where your buddy is and you are supposed to check you buddy before you let him enter the water. You need to know where all his releases are so you can help him escape danger, you must be able to share your air with him, you need to make sure his air is on before diving in, and most important of all, YOU NEVER LEAVE YOU BUDDY!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love by Chance (ftb)

You have to look a little harder but it is there. The curl in Jenny’s hair and the door knob make a heart. And sometimes that is how love is. You have to look a little harder. Sometimes you have to try and make things work out. You always need to expect to give more then you receive and you have to hope that your love, loves you second only to the Lord. This picture was taken on Jenny’s wedding day as she was getting ready to go to the Temple. I have learned that a man that loves the Lord first is the best husband there is. Because of his love for the Lord he truly understands his role in your life. He is more attentive and cares for you as a daughter of God. (My daughter Jenny in picture.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Road to Love (ftb)

I found this heart shaped crack in the asphalt in California while on our trip with Clarissa and Kristina. When I saw it, I thought, wow the road to love is paved with… and then a flood of different thoughts came. Heart ache, sorrow, happiness, sacrifice, service, compassion, patience, and so much more. Once again what do the scripture say Love is? “Charity is the pure love of Christ and it endures forever.” Moroni taught us this, ”…a man… must needs have charity; for if he have not charity he is nothing; wherefore he must needs have charity. And charity suffereth long, and is, kind and envieth not, and is not puffed up,

The Road to Love (ftb) the rest of the story

...seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked , thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity, ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail— But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.”

This heart was found on the same trip in the pavement at Disney land. Is it truly the happiest place on earth? No, the Happiest place is where the Heart is.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peirced Through The Heart

My sister Peggy sent me this picture with the inspiration that sometimes our heart is pierced in pain from one of life's many tragedies. Sometimes when this happens you may throw up a fence in self defence. Isn't that true! I can't tell you how many times when I was young and dating, trying so hard to catch Mr. Right i.e. Samuel that I found myself throwing up a fence. I just wasn't sure who I was. I was sure about who I wanted to be but I was still just developing into that person. I find I still throw up a fence now and then. I'm not sure that it is either bad or good, but I think that we do have to be careful and be willing to take them down just as fast.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love Rocks (ftb)

I have definitely found more heart shaped rocks than any other form of medium. It all really started in St. Martin in the Virgin Isles. We were celebrating our 20th anniversary. We were just window shopping when I spotted a heart shaped diamond. It was so beautiful but not affordable for us. It was really very well priced but not something we had planned on so of course we passed it up. Ever since that experience when ever my husband or child finds a heart shaped rock they bring it home to me, if they can. Now I have a pretty good collection of heart shaped rocks. (My daughter Clarissa in picture.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicken Love (ftb)

Oh yeah, I said “chicken love.” That’s right, that is when the most wonderful thing comes along and your just too chicken to “go for it.” But then you wait 2 or 3 years and the chance comes around again and sure enough you try going for it after all. How lucky do you have to be to get a second chance at true love? I don’t know but I do know that I am really blessed and lucky to be given all the chances that I have been, deserving or not I keep getting them, second chances that is. My one advise, if the heart is chicken, make sure you don’t burn any bridges, be kind, be open to asking for forgiveness and forgive, forgive, forgive. I guess that wasn’t technically one piece of advise. (When Samuel asked me to marry him he said, "Do you want to go for it?" I asked him, "Go for what?" I didn't want to say yes if it was just ice cream thinking it should be marriage. My daughter Charmaine in picture.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Deep Fried Love (ftb)

This picture has so many messages. Do you remember in Shrek when he said that, “ogre’s are like onions, they have layers.” Well so does love have so many layers. I found this onion ring when I was at the hospital in San Diego while Chantal was in labor with Susan. It was fried crispy just this way and I did eat it.
Layer 1, Infatuation. We have all been there. We find someone we think is so great and then after awhile we see the light.
Layer 2, Lust. Yes that too. But that just doesn’t last, it may feel good for a minute but then you just feel sick. Lust is never worth anything
Layer 3, True Love. Oh true love is the best and only one that lasts through it all. Of course we know that there are many more layers to love and to an onion but every once in awhile we find a real keeper and then we are set.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love Alaska

I finally got my I love Alaska Hearts. My friend Terry took the pictures as my camera battery was dead. While we were in Juneau we went on a Zip-Line. It was so much fun! After the zip we had lots of time waiting for the boat to come back and pick us up. So we played fetch with one of the dogs that were there. After a while we noticed that the tide had gone out quit a ways and that the boat was going to have to come to a different place to pick us up so we went down to the beach to wait for the boat and to explore. The beach, I use beach liberally, was all rock but we found some wonderful examples of Heart Shaped rocks. Then also someone had collected tons of glass and metal that was left from when the place had been a mining camp. As we were looking through the stuff I found this perfect little chip out of a milk glass jar of Mentholatum. I love using Mentholatum in the winter to sooth my nose when it gets sore or my lips or just to help me breath better. Looks like someone else must have felt the same way years ago.

My Sister Loves Me Too

My sister Peggy found this tiny little heart shaped feta cheese. She said she was eating lunch at the hospital when she found it. Peggy said she was so excited when she found it that she whipped out here cell phone and started snapping away. People must have thought she was crazy! How funny, I can just imagine a crazy lady taking pictures of her empty salad bowl with the enthusiasm of finding gold! I think it is so sweet that she sent it to me and that she was thinking of me and remembers how I find hearts everywhere and how happy they make me. It made her especially happy to find one herself also. And what a perfect heart.
I know there is a possibility that this looks gross, I hope not. This is the skin of a tomato that I peeled for dinner. I love tomatoes, I like making dinner, I love my new cutco knife but mostly this picture portrays the love that I have for my father. Samuel and I don't care about tomato skins, we can eat them or not. But, my father really does not care for them. He never says a thing if I don't peel the tomatoes in our salads or on a sandwich but I know that he prefers no skins. My mother always peeled the tomatoes that she served and as I was fixing dinner preparing a tomato and broccoli salad I thought, "I should peel the tomatoes. Daddy would appreciate that." So I did. As I was cleaning up after dinner, the peels were still in the sink, and so I was pushing down the disposal and cleaning the sink. There it was this pretty perfect Dolly Parton shaped heart. I really do love my father and I would do anything for him, even something as little as peeling a tomato has it's rewards.

Muskrat Love (ftb)

I know some of these are a bit far fetch, but, several years ago I was taking a walk and I saw these two gofer holes. They were in the perfect shape of a heart. I didn’t have my camera at that time later I went back with my camera and the holes had been disturbed and no longer looked like a heart. I have been looking ever since for a heart shaped gofer hole just so I could tell this story, and here it is. When Samuel and I started dating as teenagers there was a song at the time that played on the radio. The song was called Muskrat Love.” The two muskrats were named Susie and Sam. I always thought that song was so cute, and of course, that it meant this Susie had to marry her own Sam.
I love Japanese food and the wonderful sweet flavors that sometimes they have. My husband went to Japan on a mission for our church when he was 19 and he too learned to love the food but really especially the people. We have been so fortunate to have a few Japanese exchange students come to live with us from time to time. This heart happened as Samuel opened a brand new bottle of Yoshida's sauce. This was the result of him trying to get that crazy paper lid off. It really tore just like this with no extra help form him, or me. Really. You may notice the scissors in the picture but they were not used.

Heaven Sent Love (ftb)

This beautiful heart shaped cloud appeared just over our house one evening in September of 2006. I was feeling so blue and concerned for the heart of a loved one when I looked into the sky and spotted this wonderful reminder. If you look closely it looks like it has a small fork in the left side of it, so once again it could be that love hurts but at the time all I could think was that we are meant to be happy and to feel loved. Our Heavenly Father loves us, we can feel his love if we seek it. He wants to comfort us and He wants us to feel the overwhelming love that He has for us and really we can. Don’t ask me how yet but someday I may know.

You Love Me Too

I know some hearts are really hard to see and sometimes they are a stretch but for me this one was supper obvious. Clarissa and Logan found it when we were making Indian fried bread at Seiter's cabin. I love the Navajo tacos that we make and I love going to Seiter's cabin! And... I love the Logan and Clarissa were thinking of me when they found it. I think they love me too.

I Love Garbage

I love this random heart. It was just in the middle of a roll of garbage bags. I love to clean and throw away garbage so this little heart really fits my needs.

I Love to Walk

I have started this exercise program with my sisters. We are trying to "waist away." So far I have done pretty well. I get up each morning and walk about one and a half mile. It isn't much but I am hoping to build up to more. I have also been much better about what I eat, not eating after dinner and so forth. Yesterday on my walk I noticed all kinds of birds and some of their habits. Today I found five different heart shaped things. I had walked only a short distance when I saw this the first one in the sidewalk and at that time I thought, "when I am done I'll go home and get my camera and come back and take a picture." So I kept walking. I got about another half mile and I saw another heart but it was in the cut off limb of an olive tree, I thought, "OK I'll get on my bike and come back for this one and the first one." I kept walking and another mile more I found yet another heart in a oil stain on the side walk. By this time it was too far to go back and get all the pictures so I decided to just get the closest pictures today and then go back and get the others tomorrow. So I went home, got my camera and asked Samuel if he wanted to go for a short walk with me to which he said yes. I told him what I was looking for and so he had his eyes on the sidewalk. He found a spot and said, "is this it?" Oh my goodness, no but great eye! He found a totally different heart then I had. So we took that picture and started back home. On the walk back home I have my eyes peeled out for something else that is interesting and fun and then I found this cute little frog. He isn't a heart but he was hard to spot down there in the grass. I dropped Samuel off at home and kept on walking but decided to take my camera so I could get all the images that I see when I see them and sure enough I found one more. The first time I saw a heart shaped prickly pear cactus I thought it would be the last one I would ever see and then here it is one more. I had a great walk and it was fun finding so much love. I love my walks and look forward to what I will find tomorrow.

Love Hurts! (ftb)

Oh yeah you know that quite often love hurts. Truly I have been amazed at how surprisingly painful it has been at times. When a loved one leaves, when a child’s heart is broken, when disappointment strikes, wow, it can really turn my heart to a painful mess of mush. Thankfully though, I have had those experiences. They help me realize just how sweet love is when it doesn’t hurt. They keep me knowing that love is fragile and needs to be guarded and watched over. I have been caught by surprise by loves bitter sting only a few times, but they have been enough to keep me knowing that I need to be more careful with the ones I love.

Love in the Morning (ftb)

Waking up to my one true love next to me is one of life’s precious moments. But then to find a heart shaped strawberry in my favorite breakfast cereal is even better. Just Kidding! I have been so lucky to see love and symbols of love in so many places.

"I Hold Your Heart, For My Love Is Rock Solid" (ftb)

When we hold each other’s hearts, we should hold them dear. We carry each other even when the weight is great at times. We do what is asked and doable because our love is Rock Solid. True love can be broken but it is hard to do so. Even true love needs to be cradled with care and kindness. Rock Solid love is a gift to behold and an obligation to tenderly care for. (My son Samuel Jr. in picture.)