Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't Burn Bridges, Cross Them

I have been sent so many wonderful pictures and I have so neglected this gift I have been given. No more! I am going to cross that bridge and get back in line. Here is a great example of Love just hovering waiting to be noticed.
My niece Toni took a trip with friends of hers to New York and while there they crossed this beautiful bridge and had to take a picture. It wasn't until she got home that her children were looking at the pictures and one of then said, "hey Mom, did you notice the heart?" That's love for you!
Cross bridges, don't burn them. I had a really good friend in grade school that I truly admired. She was so pretty and as we got to that awkward stage it hit me head on but not her. She continued to be pretty and feminine. The only problem was our friendship suffered and we went separate ways. Recently I saw her name on Facebook and wanted to make contact with her. I wrote to her and asked if she remembered me to which she replied, "of course." I was so happy to talk to her again and I was so glad that I had not burned that bridge.
I think so fondly of many of the friends that I had in my youth. I wish that I knew where they all were so I could say, "Hi, I hope you are doing well." Friendship and love is just across the bridge, don't be afraid to cross it and for sure, don't burn it. Time will pass and so will hurt feelings and they will be replaced with fond memories.