Saturday, February 27, 2010

Was That Love?

The other day I went to the Zoo with 3 of my daughters. Chantal was going with her daughter Katie's class and she invited Jenny, Clarissa and myself to go also. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We had a great time, only stayed until about noon, didn't loose anyone and avoided any major accidents. Sounds like success to me. As we were entering the Zoo there were tons of people going in the school entrance and so we went through the usual run of warnings to the kids to stay close to us. Each of the adults were to watch out for one of the kids so no one would get lost. All of the little cousins that live here in the area were there except Brian Jr. who should have been in school but stayed home sick. Anyway as we were walking into the zoo with tons of people around, Lacy shots out, "where is Brian?" She said it like she was really worried, suddenly she realized that he wasn't there and she wanted us to find him. It really touched me, I hope that when the cousins are older and they see one going astray or "not there" that they will worry and want to find them and bring them back. Now that is love.

(Picture taken at the Phoenix Zoo by Clarissa Baxter Feb. 25th 2010, we think it is a duck.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sweet Fruits of Love

This is one of those great pictures that a friend sent to me. Her name is Lisa. Lisa was preparing dinner for her family one evening and while cutting a cantaloupe in half she found this perfect heart. I love it! I can think of so many implications for where and how she found this heart but the strongest one I think of is all of is the Sweet Fruit of Love that we harvest when as a family we sit at the dinner table and eat together. I do not find preparing dinner to be fun, but I do it because I want to have a healthy meal together with my family, I do love having that time that we all rely on to be together, I do love that that is when we can talk about our day and what we are doing, what has made us happy or what has made us sad. The preparation of dinner, the setting of the table, and the time around it truly yields bountiful harvests of Sweet Love.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Loves Perspective

Love really is all about Perspective. How you look at things is how you will ultimately feel about life in the end. A sweet friend of mine while vacationing in Hawaii found this heart shape in what looked like to me, a huge cliff. You can see the ocean through the whole and it seems that the heart is huge and that you can really view life from it in a wonderful light. Then the next picture she sent shows her kneeling down behind the hole and it is only about the size of her face, the cliff is really just a rock and the ocean is very far away. It is just amazing to me how the angle of the camera and the positioning of the people made all the difference and that really is how life is. I have found that if I look at my husband with the thought on my mind that he is wonderful that I love him and that I want him close to me, well then that is exactly how I feel. But on the other hand if when he enters the room I think, here comes trouble, that is what I would get. I know that I am the happy person that I am because I am loved but also because I want to see love all around me were ever I can.
Loves Perspective is a way of life.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fragile Love or Spicy Love

I find heart shaped chips quite often. It seems that I am usually with members of my family eating lunch and someone will find one. This chip is no exception, I think Clarissa found it. (It's a spicy bbq chip.) As I was looking through my pictures thinking about Charmaine and her upcoming 30th birthday I hoped to find one to convey the feelings that I am having at this time. I miss her so much and wish that we could all be together to celebrate this mile stone. I hope that she is able to realize just how much I love her and miss her, Randal and their boys. I hope that her heart isn't fragile and that she has a spicy good time. Charmaine you are Amazing and Wonderful, my heart is so blessed because of you. Happy Birthday, I love you!!!