Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Love Laundry

This cute little lump of a Heart I found in the Oxi Clean while doing laundry . It reminded me of an experience I had while Visit Teaching my Bishop's wife years ago. I think the lesson might have been on love for family and how to cultivate it. Karen, my Bishop's wife, began to tell me just how she feels when she does the laundry. She said that as she is folding the clothes she thinks to herself, "I love the man that wears these clothes." What a blessing for her. Sometime after that I must have told my children of the experience and one of the kids, Clarissa, must have internalized it. Just recently she wrote on her blog,

What is it about folded laundry that I love so much?
I really enjoy folding laundry for my family. (Thank goodness because I have to do it every week!) Before Bou was born I loved to fold Logan's clothes and just think about how the man I loved worn them. (And of course I still love to do this!) It really was so much fun for me and it was something that I knew he appreciated.
After a couple of baby showers the clothes started to add up and I just loved folding the tiny baby clothes and putting them away neatly. I tried to organize them by size the best I could but soon came to realized that it was a bit more difficult once they started to be worn. So I would be sorting through tons of tiny clothes trying to find the right size and they would all come unfolded. And after doing a couple of loads a week because of blowouts and spit-ups the clean clothes just got thrown in the drawer unfolded. It didn't bother me much because I knew that I was the only one that was going to be seeing them and that Bou wouldn't mind one bit!
Well.. a few months ago when I was watching my sister Jenny's kids while she was in the hospital having their 3rd child, Jack, I was helping her oldest, Lacy get dressed when I realized that all of her clothes were neatly folded in her drawers. I thought it was a sweet, loving gesture because certainly a 4 year old doesn't care if her clothes are folded. It was obvious to me that my sister loved her children because she took the time to fold their tiny clothes, even though I am sure she does way more laundry that I do in one week.
So it inspired me and reminded me of my love of folding laundry. So tonight when Bou was fast asleep I folded all of her clean clothes and added them to her drawers that I have kept neatly folded and organized since Jack was born. And with each tiny outfit I think about how much I love the tiny person that wears these clothes.
So anywho.. thanks for the reminder sister, and happy folding!
(Bou and Mommy Clarissa)

Funny thing is, that after I got done writing this blog I remembered that when Samuel and I were first married his parents came to visit us. One of the first things he did was take his parents to our bedroom and show them his underwear drawer and how neatly folded his underwear were. I was so embarrassed and I even felt a little like the hired help but I soon came to realize that what he was doing was an act of love. He was so proud of me and my laundering skills he just wanted to show me off a little.