Sunday, October 11, 2009

That Love Is So Obvious

Friday night date. Samuel and I went to get cookies and ice cream. We were taking our time when a man and his little girl came up behind us. I suggested that they go ahead and order as it always take my husband a minimum of 20 questions to make up his mind. The man asked for a chocolate chip cookie and as the clerk took the cookie out of the case I noticed that it had a heart shaped chip in it. I squealed, "oh no not that one" the customer that I had been so considerate of just moments earlier looked at me then I said "no really it's OK-- can I just take a picture of it." He said yes and I asked him if he could see why I would want a picture he said, "it looks like a pretty good cookie." It does look like a pretty good cookie, I had a similar one it was great! Don't you think when someone brings you a plate of freshly baked cookies, WOW, they must love me, or appreciate me or want to cheer me up. And does it work? YES! That brand of kindness is so obvious and I love it.