Monday, October 5, 2009

The Biggest Love

Get ready for a slight lecture. Samuel and I were in Northern AZ and Southern UT Friday and Saturday of this last week. We had such a wonderful time, we really took our time and stopped several times to take pictures, relax and eat. One stop was at Navajo bridge on the way to Lee's Ferry. We got to the middle of the bridge and found that people were bungee jumping. As the jumper went off he didn't really seem that excited to go, but he went anyway. Then, well you know the rest. They pulled him back up and all was well. The fun lasted only a minute but cost hundreds and could have even cost more.

I did enjoy watching the jumper and I am so glad that he was safely back on the bridge. When we left, Samuel said that he had a surprise for me but he didn't know if it would materialize. What? Materialize? Well I was intrigued. We turned down the road that goes to Lee's Ferry and came to an incredible field of huge boulders that had fallen from the cliffs above millennia ago I'm sure. Samuel's surprise was this huge heart shaped boulder that he had spied years ago while on a trip with the young men in our church. It is incredible and huge and so perfectly shaped and he remembered right where it was from seeing it 10 or 15 years ago. WOW I love it! Samuel and I were the only ones looking at this wonder. " Right around the corner is "Balancing Rock." Lots of people where there marveling at it. I began to think how often we are the same way. Jumping off of bridges, teetering on the edge when the great big love of our Savior is right there for everyone but everyone is distracted by thrills. The Savior's love is really all around us-- we just need to decide to look for it and recognize it. "I feel my Savior's Love in all the World around Me."*

*Words from LDS Children's song.