Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Phoenix Metro Fall

Last week I posted a blog about why I love Ames Iowa on my personal blog. It was really mostly about the beautiful fall weather so I was thinking I should write the things I love about living in the Phoenix Metro Area and how I know that the season will be changing. I was only going to post on my personal blog and then today as I was walking I spotted this heart shape in the freshly sprouted winter lawn of a neighbor yard. So this is it... In the Phx. area of Arizona you know it is fall when everyone scalps their lawn so they can plant winter rye. We know cooler weather is just around the corner when the sweet smell of freshly spread manure fills the air. And then of course it is also the time Halloween decorations make an appearance, don't mind the 102 degree temperature on October 18th it really will cool off. It's a time to be careful of all things spooky but most of all be sure to spread your seeds evenly or you will end up with a heart shape brown patch right in the middle of your lawn. I could think of worse things!