Monday, October 26, 2009

Stained With Love

This is my sweet little name sake, Susan. She was eating a strawberry the other day when her mother noticed that she had stained her dress in a heart shape. Quickly Chantal, or Mommy, got her camera to capture the image forever. This stain reminds me of the poem about hand prints that children leave behind and then quickly they are gone. This is one of my favorite versions;

You always clean the fingerprints

I leave upon the wall.

I seem to make a mess of things

Because I am so small.

The years will pass so quickly

I'll soon be grown like you

And all my little fingerprints

Will surely fade from view.

So here's a special hand print

A memory that is true

So you'll recall the very day

I made this just for you!

Well it's not a hand print but to me it is even better. I love that her mother thought of me, I love strawberries, I love hearts even when they are stains but most of all I love the sweet little girl in the heart print dress with a heart shaped stain on her previously clean white jacket. Life just doesn't get better then this!