Friday, December 4, 2009

Well Adjusted Heart

This morning as I was walking I found that the orthotic in my shoe was hurting my foot and that I really need to find a place to sit down and take care of it. As I was looking for a bench to sit on I also found this cute heart shaped leaf, it was from an olive tree that was very near the bench I found to sit on. I looked at the tree's other leaves and I could not find another heart shaped leaf. Something made it grow this way. As I took off my shoe to make the very slight adjustment I thought about that leaf. I made and adjustment to my orthotic, put my shoe back on and off I went. Everything was fine after that. It is just amazing how far just a little adjustment can go. It was just a little adjustment just a slight influence on the development of that leaf that turned it to love. We can be the same way, when any influence affects our existence for good or bad let it turn our hearts to love and everyone around us will benefit from the experience.Doesn't the thougth just make you happier!